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Virtus Hero - April of 2010


USMC Parris Island Graduates

USMC Parris Island Graduates

We had the privilege of attending the United States Marine Corps basic training graduation at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot on April 23, 2010. 

Marine boot camp, a 13 week long process, is extremely challenging - both physically and mentally.  These freshly minted Marines received training in weapons, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, Marine Corps history, and close order drill.  The training also emphasizes physical fitness as recruits must attain the minimum standard of fitness to graduate.  Additionally, as every Marine is a rifleman, they must qualify in rifle marksmanship in order to graduate.  Finally, after completing a 54 hour simulated combat exercise known as "The Crucible", they earn their Eagle Globe Anchor and graduate two days later.

While watching this tradition rich graduation, the words of Ronald Reagan came to our minds...."Some people spend their entire lives and wonder if they ever made a difference.  Marines don't have that problem."

Congratulations Marines of the 2nd and 4th Training Battalions as well as all the other members of our armed services.  Thank you for your service.  You are America's best and truly heroes walking among us!


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