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Virtus Hero - March of 2010


Marc Alan Lee


America's Mighty Warriors website was recently brought to our attention and we've linked to it.  Debbie Lee, Marc's mom, started this non profit and their mission statement is as follows:

To honor, thank, support, and encourage the troops and their families and remember the sacrifice of my "Mighty Warrior" Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. To accept the challenge from his last letter home andpass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life, through random acts of kindness that will impact and honor our military, the fallen and their families for their selfless service and sacrifice. 

We at Virtus thank Marc for his selfless service to our country.  Here is an exerpt about Marc from the website....  

Marc deployed in April 2006 to Ramadi Iraq with ST-3. The guys called it "The worst piece of real estate in Iraq" or "The hellhole of Iraq."

They had been in the biggest battle in Iraq up to that point. Marc was up on a rooftop with 3 other SEALs when his buddy Ryan sustained severe shrapnel injuries to the head. They could tell by looking at Ryan that it was serious. Unfortunately they didn not have a medic on the rooftop with them. Two of the SEALs dropped to their knees to help Ryan. Marc could have made that same choice. He could have stayed below the protective barrier of the cement walls on the rooftop and probably would have been here with me today, but this was a young man who valued other people's lives more important than his own. I know that Marc didn't weigh the pros and cons of his decision. He just knew it was the right thing to do, so Marc stood up into the direct line of fire to draw fire to himself and provide cover so that the medic could get up to the rooftop.

The medic successfully got up to the rooftop and evaluated the situation and determined that they needed to get Ryan out of there immediately or there was no chance for survival. So not once, but a second time Marc stood up into the direct line of fire so that everyone could get down off of the roof. They all successfully got down from the roof and returned to the base. I'm proud to tell you that base has been named Camp Marc Lee in his honor.

The chief came in and said they had found 30 of the insurgents who just attacked them. Were they up to going back out? Remember this is Aug 2, the temperatures are 115-120 degrees. They had just been in an intense 2 hour battle. They are hot and sweaty. Marc carried the big gun and with the weapon, ammo, and back pack he carried anywhere from 150-180 pounds in addition to his weight of 200 pounds. I can't imagine carrying just my own weight in that intense heat running and fighting for 2 hours let alone 350-380 lbs? They've just seen their buddy severally wounded and not sure if he will survive. They have to be exhausted emotionally and physically. Yet these are warriors. "The elite of the elite" as the President told me.

Marc looked at his chief and said "Roger that let's go get'em." They went back into Ramadi and were doing house to house clearing. They had cleared several houses and went into the last house that Marc would be in. They cleared the bottom of the house and started to go upstairs. Marc was not an officer but he was a leader and he chose to lead the guys up the stairs. As they went up the stairs they took fire through a window and for the last and final time Marc turned into the fire and willingly gave his life. He didn't just do that to defend his buddies, he did that for you, for me, for this nation that he so loved.

Marc was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his heroic actions on the 2nd of Aug. He was also awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for heroic actions on July 18th when he exposed himself to direct enemy fire to provide cover for his team mates. Marc and his team mates from ST-3 are now the most highly decorated special ops unit since Viet Nam.

Marc will always be remembered for his humor, playful antics, determination, perseverance, courage, selfless attitude, and his faith. His head stone reads "Loved deeply, deeply loved."

Marc's name means "Mighty Warrior" and he definitely lived up to his name. He is a hero!

John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends."

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