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The Virtus Apparel Mission

The Mission of Virtus Apparel is to provide you with a patriotic collection of designs and insignia that tell your story and express your values. Our Motto, COURAGE...ABOVE ALL, is expressed throughout our designs with the images of Virtus and Apprime. Virtus is a Latin word literally meaning courage, strength and excellence. Apprime (pronounced uh-pree-may), is a Latin word meaning "Above All". Our t-shirts, V-neck, hoodies and board shorts are all made with the highest quality material and suitable for all occassions. Virtus specializes in unique designs for men and women who serve in the Army, Navy, Marine Air Force, Coast Guard and Law Enforcement. 

What makes a young adult enlist in the U.S. Military to defend his or her country? VIRTUS...APPRIME

What makes a firefighter rush into a burning building to save the life of a complete stranger? VIRTUS...APPRIME

What makes a police officer confront a violent offender to protect the lives of the innocent? VIRTUS...APPRIME

What makes a young adult from a privileged background journey off to sub Saharan Africa to help impoverished children? VIRTUS...APPRIME

You get the idea. The people mentioned above, and many more like them, are truly heroes among us. They believe in a cause and purpose that is far greater than themselves. The new trend in military contemporary apparel is large prints on soft combed cotton shirts with intricate artwork. That in of itself is fine, but we've noticed that many of these designs are devoid of any meaning or have negative, anti-social messages. It may not be sinful to live fast, but wouldn't it be commendable to live well? Virtus Apparel was fathered by the greatest attributes of human nature and we celebrate patriotism, selflessness, charity, kindness, happiness and pursuit of knowledge. While some of these designs are definitely edgy, if you look deeper, you'll find positive messages and symbolism. Virtus Apparel is your brand to express your values. 

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