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Virtus Hero - March of 2009


First Sergeant Eddie Revera


First Sergeant Eddie Rivera of the United States Army is presently serving our country in Afghanistan.  He has been asking friends and family to send simple toys and coloring books that he and his fellow soldiers are passing out to the local children.  First Sergeant Rivera believes that winning over the children is the key to winning the trust of the people, and this will help our cause in the War on Terror.   You don't hear of too many reports like this from our mainstream media, but Eddie and his team are truly heroes walking among us.  He is a living example of Virtus - courage, strength and excellence.  

1SG Rivera has 20 years active service and has been stationed all over the world as an Airborne Infantryman, a Senior Drill Sergeant, an Airborne and Jumpmaster Instructor, and two tours in Afghanistan.  

If you would like to provide toys, balls, coloring books and crayons so Eddie and his soldiers can give them to the children in Afghanistan, please send to the following address.  We will then mail to him at his base.


Toys for Eddie's Kids

Attn: Mitch Ray

1007 Castle Pinckney Rd

Columbia SC 29223

We just recently received a note from Eddie regarding some toys we sent him.....
"Thanks to Virtus Apparel for brining a smile to over 100 children of Southern Afghanistan.  These coloring/activity books, and the other items you've donated has reminded those children that they are not forgotten or taken lightly as we hunt down the badguys.  The smiles brought to the little guys and girls has also brightened the soldiers' days, reminding them of thier own children or relatives at home.  Kids are kids all around the world.  They love to have fun and generate tons of engery with thier smiles.  This personal touch will not be forgotten by the children that have never seen a coloring book before or the soldiers that will tell the story to their grand children about the kids of Afghanistan.  Your contribution  has made a few of the many dull days, days to be rememberd by all."

Please join the Virtus Apparel team in thanking First Sergeant Eddie Rivera for his service to our country and for being named our March 2009 Hero. 

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