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Virtus Hero - October of 2009


Brett & Paige Bennethum


Virtus Apparel salutes our Armed Forces that leave their families behind to serve our country.  Nothing represents that sacrifice more than the photo of Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum and his daughter Paige before he was deployed to Iraq this past summer. 

Army Reservist Staff Sgt. Bennethum was ordered to Iraq in July. His four-year-old daughter Paige had a hard time letting go, so much that she held onto his hand in formation. No one, including the commanding officer, had the heart to pull her away. The picture of the incident, taken by Paige's mother, has touched people all over the country.

God bless Staff Sgt Bennethum and his daughter Paige.  May he, along with every other military member serving our country overseas and in harms way, be returned safely to their families.

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